Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design

Showcase Your Practice and Build Trust

From general practitioners to specialist medical websites, we create functional, responsive and AHPRA compliant medical websites with integrated booking systems for your medical practice.

A well-designed medical website prioritises function over style. The good news is you can have both! 

As an incredibly busy health professional with no time to spare to study the latest trends in web design, we suspect that these designs might be just what you need – they will save you time and make sure your practice never falls behind its competition again by leveraging today’s internet technology.

To help get started designing or updating your site, we offer every service from hosting right through to managing content. Whether this means setting up a domain name, adding new pages or installing an online appointment booking system, all aspects are completely taken care of for you.

Here are some inspiring examples of what a modern, sleek, medical website design for your online presence could look like:

Our GP Medical Centres

I am really drawn to the warmth and friendliness of the website built for Our GP Medical Centres. The happy couple and the simple message shares the emotion of how happy you feel when you are in good health. 

medical website design and development

All too often I see medical clinic website design with imagery that may be too confronting for some patients, for example, injuries and surgical procedures. These may be the norm for you, however, for the injured, sick or stressed patient what impression are you giving off?

In the online space, you have a couple of seconds to make a great first impression. Do that by selling the feelings and emotions to prospective patients, through the use of well selected imagery and copywriting.

You may also notice there is no visible phone number above the fold, prompting the potential patient to book an appointment online via the button on the top right hand side.

If a patient patient was to scroll down the page without booking an appointment, they are then presented with more happy, friendly images and selling points of the medical practice:

medical website design services

Market Street Medical Practice

Another example of a general practitioner website in Brisbane with a friendly disposition and an excellent call to action. The image chosen could easily be used for a dental website, with the happy smiling woman being the focus.

healthcare website designers

Whilst Market Street Medical Practice has their phone number above the fold, it is quite a small font on the top left hand side. You may notice the TWO buttons to book appointments online (top right hand side and larger button on the image). 

The green bar under the logo isn’t essential, but it is a notification to patients that certain Doctors are on maternity leave. This informs patients upfront that their usual GP isn’t available. This helps to generate trust in your practice, with the open sharing of information that then prepares the patient for what to expect during their visit.

The message is simple – “We put the focus on you”, which has also been further personalised in the booking button with “Book YOUR Appointment” rather than book appointment, or book an appointment. 

Medical Haematology Services

This is an example of a specialist medical website where generating trust is the main objective. The phone number is on the top right hand side, but the main focus of this specialist website is the message – “Providing personalised care in the treatment of blood disorders”.

medical website design

The chosen image directly reflects the message, instantly giving the potential patient a feeling of trust in the service and care that will be provided. 

Another excellent feature is the use of laymans terms on the website. Whilst the specialist uses professional terminology in their business name (Haematology), the message to the potential patient is in language they may better understand (blood disorders). 

Heart Clinic Melbourne

This website appealed to me on both a clinical level and as a website designer and potential user of the site. The photograph isn’t a stock image and I liked the attention to detail – the 12 lead ECG, the cardiology stethoscope, the business card in the photo. The heart anatomy model sneaks in on the top left, without being overbearing. 

There are two options on the home page – the button on the left is a link to a referral form, an easy reference for any busy Doctor referring a patient in. The button on the right says Contact Us and leads to a contact page with phone number, email address and contact us form embedded on the website. 

Personally, I would have chosen “Refer a Patient” for the button on the left and “Book an Appointment” for the button on the right. Unfortunately, the contact us page mentions using the contact form to give feedback or lodge a complaint – bringing up complaints before I had even made an appointment instantly gave me a sense of distrust. I would no doubt subconsciously carry this into my appointment.

For that reason, I almost took this specialist medical website off this list, but decided against it. The simplicity and uniqueness of the homepage was what had won me over in the beginning. 

Condamine Medical Centre

Condamine Medical Centre’s call to action is very clear – they want patients to make an appointment online. 

With not one but TWO links to book sitting above the fold, your eyes are naturally drawn to the child’s face, followed by where the child is looking.

medical practice website design

What do you see? After the child, did you look towards the make an appointment button in the top right hand corner above the Doctor’s face (a usual spot in web design to place a phone number IF phone calls are your desired preference).

Underneath the image is the large bar reminding you again to make an appointment online. This is an example of a medical practice website design that is telling users exactly what they need to do as soon as they enter the site, quickly converting potential patients into bookings.

Dr Bobby Chan

Just when I thought I was not going to find a specialist medical website with a modern design I came across Dr Bobby Chan. What an excellent example of professional medical services designed with the end user in mind – the patient. 

The image is of the Specialist who is looking warm, friendly and professional. The message is clear – “Sydney’s Endocrinology and Diabetes Specialist” and the clear “Book Appointment” button tells the user exactly what to do.

Whilst looking at medical clinic website designs to compile this list, I came across images of children being immunised (needle and all), specialists in surgery holding surgical equipment and an oncology website with a photograph of a patient during cancer treatment – front and centre on the home page. 

This brings me back to one of my points above about the importance of designing your clinical website from an end user, or prospective patients perspective. 

During the design process, it is important to consider what your potential patients wants, fears and desires are. Are they likely to fear needles, surgery and ongoing treatment? If so, is that the best image to portray on your home page?

As a mother, the last image I want to see is a child having a procedure I know will hurt them, even just a little, and even if it is for their benefit in the long run. I associated that image with immunising my own children, who probably didn’t cry as much as I remember, or as much as I did at the time. Either way, I wasn’t sticking around on that website. 

Our Medical Website Design Services

As businesses learn how valuable it is to use the internet as their primary tool for success, a professional medical or allied health website is necessary if not vital to long term success.

Which is why I am here now – no matter what specialty or area you live in – offering my expertise about designing a practical, functional and stylish heath professional website that will help to outshine your competition and move your business ahead leaps and bounds. 

All the while you can continue to do what you do best and focus on patient care. Let’s chat today about how I can help with medical website design for your clinic.

Belynda Scarsbrook

Belynda Scarsbrook

Belynda has spent 15 years in the health industry, originating as a Paramedic with Ambulance NSW, before moving into Health Information and Clinical Coding. She loves to research and write across different niches, including the health industry.

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