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Are you frustrated because your website isn’t ranking on the first page of Google? You’re not alone. Many businesses like yours are missing out on valuable traffic and potential customers, and the majority of business owners don’t know why. 

But here’s the good news: our expert SEO audit services can help you turn things around. 

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Why You Need an SEO Audit

Our SEO audit services provide business owners with the clarity and actionable insights needed to improve their website’s search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic.

It identifies the issues holding you back, whether it’s technical glitches, poor keyword usage, or weak content. Most likely, it’s all of the above – and more!

What You Can Expect to Get With an SEO Audit:

Clarity: Get a detailed SEO report on what’s wrong and how to fix it. No more guessing games.

Improved Rankings: Addressing the issues found in the audit can boost your rankings, leading to more visibility and traffic.

Better User Experience: Fix technical issues that may be frustrating your visitors, causing lost traffic and even fewer conversions.

What Our SEO Audit Includes

Meet the SEO Expert

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Hi, I’m Belynda Scarsbrook. I’m a wife, mum, and SEO expert. Odd combination I know, but I love research, deep-diving into niches, uncovering hidden gems, and reverse-engineering the competition. I’ve honed my skills over the last 15 or so years in this industry.

I’m the human brain behind the SEO audit service, that turns data into actionable insights and steps you can take to improve your online presence. 

My clients appreciate my no-nonsense advice and transparency. I don’t sugar coat what needs fixing, and I don’t baffle you with BS.

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My SEO strategies have helped small business owners improve website traffic, win their dream clients, increase revenue, and grow their business. 

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a client who’s website traffic has tripled in 3 months:

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In our last Zoom call, he said to me, “Belynda, I’ve just landed my dream client. He reached out to me for X service, but now I’m also looking at his X, X, and X!” (This client is in the brokerage space).

Curious about how he managed to attract such a significant client, I asked, “How did he find you?” The answer was simple-Google.  

Then there’s this client, from zero website visits to consistent impressions and traffic (without a monthly SEO contract):

Or this one, with constant website growth, quarter on quarter for the past year (and an average click through rate of 3.6%):

These results aren’t by accident. They’re achieved through tested, proven SEO strategies, SEO optimised content, and hard work (mostly on my part). 

How to Get Started

Get The Insights You Need to Improve Your Website Rankings

  1. Order Your Audit: Complete your details and pay for your audit.
  2. Complete Our Onboarding process: To give you the most comprehensive audit, we’ll need access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Don’t worry—it’s not hard, and we’ll walk you through this process.
  3. Receive Your Report: You will receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings within 7 business days.
  4. Implement the Changes: Use our actionable recommendations to improve your website’s SEO and start seeing results.

Step 1: Your Details

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Stop losing customers to poor SEO.

Get an SEO audit today and let’s fix your website’s ranking issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, there are automated SEO audit tools that offer quick, generalised reports. You enter your URL (usually your home page) and get a report based on this page only. It’ll tell you things like:

  • We have not detected a Facebook Pixel on your page.
  • You are using JSON-LD, Microdata Schema on your page – like any regular business owner knows what that means…
  • Your website has SSL enabled – so, is that a good thing? (yes)

What they lack is the personalised, in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations that a professional audit service offers. We manually pick through your website with a fine tooth comb, page by page. 

We won’t point out useless information, like “your website has SSL enabled”. We’ll show you the areas that your website needs improvement, and how to fix that.   

Oh, and by the way, we’re honest. Delivering an SEO audit is like telling your website it has spinach in its teeth – brutal, but necessary for a better impression.

An SEO audit every 12-24 months is usually enough for most small business owners. However, if you’re experiencing significant changes in traffic or implementing major changes to your site, more frequent audits may be beneficial.

An SEO audit will identify the issues and provide recommendations on how to fix them. Implementing these recommendations is essential for improving your website’s performance. If you don’t know how to implement the recommendations, we can help you with that.

Got another question? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you understand how our SEO audit services can benefit your business. 

Still on the fence? Consider one of our smaller audits to test our service, and get a feel for what’s involved. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Google Business Profile Audit

A detailed audit of your Google Business Profile with actionable advice to rank higher on local search

Google Business Profile Audit

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SEO Content Audit

Our content audit identifies gaps, thin content, how your content aligns with search intent and EEAT

SEO Content Audit

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Technical SEO Audit

An in-depth look at your indexing, structured data, mobile friendliness, load times, robots.txt file and more

Technical SEO Audit

Click Here

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