SEO Toowoomba

Get your Toowoomba Business noticed through effective Search Engine Optimisation, for long term rankings using white hat SEO methods.

Our SEO Services get your business moving in the right direction in the search engines. 

One of the biggest challenges we face is getting business owners to understand how search engine optimisation (SEO for short) works.

You’ve probably heard of SEO, you know you need it and you know it can be expensive. 

But, how do you decipher the technical jargon? How much should you be paying and what do you get for that? How do you know who to trust?

Here is our approach to search engine optimisation in 6 easy steps, minus the acronyms and technical fluff:

Our 6 Step Search Engine Optimisation Process


SEO Website Audit

We take a look at your existing website and how it is performing for you. We look at where you are currently ranking and identify areas for improvement. 

We also identify your competitors and what keywords they are ranking for, so when we create a plan for you, we know who we are targeting to outrank.


Keyword Research

As part of your website audit we will have created a list of keywords that your customers may be using to search for your business, or businesses like yours. 

At this point, it is crucial that we get to know the goals for your business, so we can forge a plan that gets you heading in that direction.


Website Architecture

We’ll look at the structure of your website, how your pages connect with each other, how fast your website loads and how it works on different devices. We look behind your images, page titles and descriptions to make sure the search engines understand what is on your webpage and how it is all supposed to connect. This is very much behind the scenes work, but also important for when the search engines read your website. If your website isn’t continually optimised it could negatively affect your rankings.


On Page Optimisation

The search engines like fresh, relevant content, specific to your niche. We’ll update your existing content as well as create new content for you (based on your business goals and industry trends). 

This gives you new pages to rank in the search engines and increases the relevancy of your website. Continuing to add content to your website also gives people more opportunity to visit your website through various search terms.


Off Page SEO

We’ve already established that the pages within your website need to connect together. Getting other important websites to connect with your website also helps to increase your rankings. 

This is link building in a nutshell (although it’s not as simple as it sounds!) and we’ll reach out on your behalf each month to get results. We also optimise your Google My Business listing as part of this process.


SEO Reporting

We want you to have a fabulous return on investment. We’ll keep you updated with how your website is performing each month. We measure our results and make changes necessary to improve those results. 

Then we repeat steps 3 to 6 to keep your website moving in the right direction. We’ll report to you monthly on our progress and you’re welcome to touch base anytime for an update.

We've Undertaken SEO Specialist Training

And as a result, only take on a handful of SEO clients. We are not a massive SEO agency in Toowoomba. We don’t assign you a highly experienced SEO manager, then palm off your work to the junior SEO assistant or outsource your search engine optimisation work overseas. 

Your SEO manager is the person that does all the work – from the internal research to the final reporting. Your website will be treated as if it were our own, with only the best practices put in place that will generate you an increase in rankings, website traffic and leads. 

As well as training through the eBusiness Institute, we regularly stay up to date with advanced SEO techniques through various online courses. 

We Know What Works, and What Doesn't...

You can rest assured we keep up to date with the latest information in the SEO world, so we can create relevant SEO content that your audience will love as well as the search engines. 

This doesn’t mean we implement every shiny new SEO technique that crosses our desk. 

We constantly analyse and optimise to get the best results. If we want to test a new technique, we’ll do that on one of our own websites, rather than yours!

Are You Paying for Traffic Through Advertising?

Statista reports that in 2019 Google’s advertising revenue was more than $130 billion dollars.

If you are a small business in Toowoomba investing in paid advertising to get your website to appear on the search engines, please talk to us.

Paid advertising is a temporary solution to drive traffic to your website whilst it climbs the ranks of the search engines organically. Investing in search engine optmisation to position your business as an authority within the search engines and generate organic (unpaid) traffic is a worthwhile investment.

What many business owners don’t realise, is when they stop paid advertising, the traffic to their website stops. Why? Because paid advertising will never organically increase your search engine rankings. Your website is still buried on a page within the search engines no one will ever click on.

Ask yourself, when you search for something on any search engine – Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, how many pages do you scroll through to find a result? One? Possibly two?

That is the reason Google earnt in excess of $130 billion dollars in revenue in 2019. Business owners trapped in the ongoing cycle of paid advertising.

We are so passionate about helping business owners grow their businesses through search engine optimisation, that sometimes we get a little carried away. But in our opinion, that’s how you know that someone will work hard to help your business succeed. We’re not against paid advertising and believe it can be a worthwhile exercise in the short term, but as a long term strategy, effective search engine optimisation wins time and time again.