Small Business Marketing – Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Whether you’re a tradesperson, service-based business or ecommerce store, it is vitally important that you include a blog on your website. Think of a blog as an extension of your business and an essential part of your marketing strategy plan.

What is a Blog?

Originally termed ‘web log’ then shortened to ‘blog’, a blog is a section of a website that provides readers with useful information in relation to your industry. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, consumers are always looking for information and a blog is a great way to engage your readers, provide resources through quality content and increase traffic to your website.

Google values fresh, unique and relevant content. By unique, we mean, written by humans for other humans to read. Google’s artificial intelligence is so good now that it can tell the difference between articles that are stuffed with keywords for the purpose of trying to ‘trick’ the search engines, or articles that are written in conversational language with the intention of providing great value to the readers. If you try to go down the keyword stuffing route, you’ll find yourself ranking poorly in the search engines.

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Google’s AI is smart and ever evolving. Follow the rules to avoid penalties.

When discussing relevancy, we are referring to relevant to your industry. If you’re an accountant for instance, discuss changes to tax legislation or maximising your return. If you’re in the clothing industry, discuss trends, seasonal updates or dressing for your body shape. The rationale behind this is Google wants businesses to be authorities in their chosen niche. Become an authority in your niche by publishing content regularly and Google will rank you higher in the search engines.

Creating your marketing strategy plan

There are a few strategies to keep in mind when creating great content. They are:

  • Length – Google expects at least 700 words per blog article these days, if not more. If you can create longer content without repeating yourself, go for it. In the search engines eyes, this contributes to the authority of your website.
  • Structure – The structure of your content needs to be adequately spaced and paragraphed. Have you ever found yourself trying to read an ebook or online article where the content is big long paragraphs and found it difficult to concentrate? Reading online is different to reading in a book or magazine. Short, spaced text and paragraphs are essential. You can break this up even further by using headings, sub headings and lists.
  • Tone – Your blog articles must be written either in conversational or professional tone (depending on your audience) and checked for spelling and grammatical errors. If English isn’t your first language, get someone who speaks native English to proofread your article.
  • Images – Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners. Using images on your blog posts not only helps to break up the text, they keep the reader interested, your page visually attractive and can be optimised for search engines.
  • Internal Linking – where possible, link to other relevant areas of your website.
  • Don’t forget your keywords! We probably should be putting this as the first point, because good keyword research is essential. You don’t need to use your keywords in every sentence of your blog post, but strategically placing throughout your article in various forms will help with your rankings also.

Too busy running your business to brainstorm ideas or write blog content? Seed Digital can assist. As a small business marketing agency, we offer the following services:

Keyword research services and content plan (Bronze Package)

If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ll research your niche, your competitors and identify areas where you can create your own content that is likely to rank easily and quickly in the search engines.

We’ll format a content plan for your website and create custom SEO optimised blog post titles, so you know exactly what you need to write about. It’s up to you then to write your content, choose your images and post to your website.

Keyword Research and Content Creator Services (Silver Package)

If writing isn’t your strength, we can help. Our writers can create quality articles up to 2000 words in length, personally written for your business and optimised for search engines.

For articles greater than 2000 words, please contact us for a quote. We’ll provide you with the article ready to upload to your website. Excludes images.

Your Complete Content Creation Agency (Gold Package)

We’ll research your industry and your competitors. Create a content plan of 12 blog posts and upload these to your website for you. You choose the frequency of the uploads (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and we’ll personally post these on your website for you. All content is custom created for your business and optimised for search engines. Choose your word count from one of our options below.

We’ll also provide an image for your blog post, and up to 3 images within your article (depending on the word count chosen). All images will be optimised for search engines, helping you rank higher in Google.

Social Media Services (Platinum Package)

As an add on, we can also post to your social media accounts for you, so you can really ramp up your small business marketing!

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