Website Case Study - 6 Months On

Recovering a website that had lost its rankings

The Challenge

In March 2020, we purchased a website as an investment. It had lost rankings in the search engines, and not being ones to shy away from a challenge, we took this project on.

Our goal was to see what it would take (and how long it would take) to recover lost rankings and increase the website traffic.

I mentioned in our first blog post I was nervous about this purchase. There was no guarantee we could recover the rankings at all, let alone increase the monetisation of the website for investment purposes. 

6 Months After Purchase

Firstly, this website takes a backseat to our clients sites, so the amount of work we had intended to do on the website and the amount of work that actually got done, are two very different things!

Needless to say, there have been some slow and steady improvements across the last 6 months, however, there is a lot of content creation, website optimisation and search engine optimisation still to go.

Not to mention adding in social media channels and optimisation for mobile usage, which is the main source of traffic. 

Over the last 6 months we have seen:


Increase in Website Traffic


Reduction in Bounce Rate


Increase in Time on Page


Increase in Return Visitors

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There is a very slow and steady climb of increased traffic from March 2020 through to the end of August 2020.

The above graph looks pretty unimpressive, we know. But look closely, over the last 6 months, traffic to the website has increased from 2334 visitors in April 2020 to 4713 website visitors as at 31 August 2020.

This is around a 102% increase in traffic in 4 months. Let’s put it in a smaller graph, just for the visual and the mobile phone users…

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We Rethought Everything

From website design, to search engine optimisation and social media marketing, we intend to renovate every single page of this website. It is essential this website becomes a go to place for the best information. Consistency is the key.

Mobile Comes First

60% of our users are on a mobile device. From that 60 percent, 66% are using an iPhone. The entire website will be optimised for viewing on a mobile phone. 

We've Identified User Intent

Many users are seeking informational content to support their weight loss journey. Many of our search queries start with ‘can I’ or ‘can you’, ‘best time’ and ‘what is…’ With 6 months of data behind us, user intent is now crystal clear. We will adjust our content strategy and search engine optimisation accordingly.

We've Increased the Revenue

At the end of the day, increasing revenue is the biggest goal for this website. With increased traffic and rankings comes more revenue opportunities. We’ve created direct relationships with quality suppliers in this space and removed poor converting offers, that may have attributed to the high bounce rate and poor on page time.

Needless to say, we are somewhat happy with the results, given this website is a side project that is tackled very irregularly, whenever we get the time. We are confident that with time and continued effort, we will recover the rankings on this website.

Along with added content and continued search engine optimisation, our next strategy is to increase social engagement and encourage social traffic. The website currently has a Facebook page, Twitter feed and Pinterest account. We will be concentrating on Facebook and Pinterest first (simply because of the existing accounts) and adding Instagram into the mix in the future.

If you are interested in keeping up with our progress on this website, follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!

Here are a couple more screenshots of keyword growth and traffic. 378,000 impressions in the search engine results over the last 6 months! We are happy to see the slow climb upwards each month, as you can see towards the end of both the graphs. 

Will we ever make it back to the top of the mountain? Absolutely! 


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We’re Putting Our Digital Skills to the Test

Professionally Trained

We’ve picked a hard niche to try and recover a website in, but that’s the point. If we can increase leads and conversions for our own website as an ‘every now and then’ project, what could we do for your business with consistent month by month work?

Award Winning

We work harder on our clients sites than we do our own. Your success is our success. 

Full Transparency

Our search engine optimisation and social media marketing clients receive monthly reporting. You’ll know how and where we have worked on your website, and of course, the results!

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